About us

By the Managing Trustee

It gives me an immense pleasure to announce the opening of our new venture in education Seyan International School. Well at SIS, nature little leaders with utmost care keeping into mind their needs and deeds. In my view the most task of education is to produce enlighten citizens having human touch and dedication to the cause of the nation and the society at large. Creating them as a leader of the future. By imparting holistic education. In an environment it’s my firm believes learners will move ahead with determination ahead confidence at SIS. We intend to provide modern tech- aided methodology. SIS is the school where we provide education in terms of knowledge, qualities, skills and attitudes and capacities that enable individuals to become conscious subject of their grown and active participants in systematic process of building an ever advancing civilization.

Best wishes,

Rupesh Dilip Badhan
Managing Trustee,
Seyan International School.